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Are You Vulnerable to New Types of Attacks?

CheckMe by Check Point is a proactive assessment that identifies security risks on your network, endpoint, cloud and mobile environments. Based on this assessment, CheckMe instantly provides you with a detailed report that shows if your environments are vulnerable to ransomware, zero day threats, malware infections, browser exploit, data leakage and more.

What threats are checked?
CheckMe simulates scenarios that could be a starting point for the following attack vectors:

Ransomware is a malware that encrypts users’ files and require ransom for their decryption.

Command & Control Communication let attackers take complete control over an infected computer.

Identity Theft attack captures personal information by fake websites that appears to be legitimate.

Zero day attacks use the surprise element to exploit holes in the software that are unknown to the vendor.

Malware Infection lets attackers take complete control over an infected computer.

Browser Exploit is an attack that takes advantage of a particular vulnerability in a computing system.

Anonymous surfing can open back-doors into an organization’s network.

Data leakage unintentional or theft release of sensitive information outside the organization’s network.

Cloud Segmentation scans for open ports of accessible machines within the same environment to indicate for access.

CheckMe service simulates many types of attacks that can compromise your computer and the information on your network.
This service includes series of tests that checks your vulnerability of your network, endpoint, cloud and mobile to
Ransomware, Phishing, Zero Day, Bot communication, Browser Exploit, Anonymize usage and Data leakage.
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