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* SIP Lines, High Speed Internet, and VOIP Phones Required

Thats right!  Never purchase another PBX system again.  No need for in-house phone equipment.  All that you need are SIP lines, High Speed Internet and VOIP Phones.  We do the rest.  See all of the features and the more details link below.  All of this for only $27 a month per concurrent line.

Unlimited Business Communications flexibility and HD Voice Quality save up to 70% off your current monthly phone bill!

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Start 2 Star Office is today’s most affordable business phone service. Now with the Start 2 Star service you can migrate your old business phone system / PBX to a new enterprise-grade virtual phone system. The new system is included in the service, and the service will save you up to 70% off your current phone bill. With your new Start 2 Star service and PBX you get full high definition voice clarity, unlimited nationwide calling and superior unified communications capabilities including unlimited extensions for one low monthly price per line (not per seat), Start 2 Star is the ideal virtual phone system for all businesses from 5 to 5000 employees. They will all enjoy the full 21st century features expected from a new expensive on site phone system, like: worldwide remote employee extensions, Follow-me, voicemail-to-email, private conference bridges, e-fax and many other powerful PBX and unified communications features.

How it works

The Start 2 Star Office is a full-featured cloud-based PBX – with no on-premise equipment, except the VoIP desktop phones. You can manage each extension through an easy-to-use web interface. Users with an extension on the PBX can manage their own settings from the office, home or even on the road using their cell phone.

As you evaluate the offerings of other business phone system providers, most charge by the phone or seat so that you have to pay for an extension in every office, to every department and for every worker, even though you may only use a fraction of those lines at any given time. Only Start 2 Star offers unlimited extensions and unlimited calling in the US and Canada for one low price, so you pay for only the number of concurrent connections that you need to support the simultaneous calling capacity your business requires. Gain the advantages of a phone service that connects with you wherever you are. This “point-to-many” capability sets Start 2 Star apart, and enables your business to reap the benefits of a true, full featured PBX, without paying significantly more for a less functional business phone service.

Service Available Immediately

After your enrollment, Start 2 Star will provision your digital phone service and employee extensions, and ship your new phones directly to your site(s). Once you have received your new VoIP phones, just have your reseller connect the IP (Internet Protocol) phones into your data network and start immediately enjoying unlimited calling and enterprise-grade PBX features and functionality.

No Commitment, No Risk

If you don’t want or need service, just inform us in writing. No questions asked. No contracts!

Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers

Keep your existing numbers by porting them over to the Start 2 Star system, and / or choose new phone numbers. We have a wide variety of available local numbers in all 50 US states, along with direct-dial Toll Free, and “vanity” Toll Free numbers.

Cost Expansion

Start 2 Star is the lowest-cost, high-quality business telephone service available today. No equipment on premises is required. There are no operational costs other than your monthly phone service bill, since there is no requirement for onsite expertise, secured space for allocated equipment, or expensive annual support contracts. It’s easy to upgrade your Start 2 Star system on demand as your requirements grow. When your business expands, you don’t need to upgrade your PBX to support more users. Start 2 Star Office’s phone system is easily expandable from 5 to 5000 users.


» Online Account Management
» Review Call History by Extension
» Assign And Manage Extensions
» Assign Features by Extension
» Configurable Menus and Personalized Messages » Interactive Voicemail Configuration
» Forward Voicemail to Email
» Personalized Name Announcement
» Personalized Greeting
» Three-Way Calling
» Speed Dial
» Call Forwarding and Follow Me
» Call Waiting
» Caller ID
» Call Return
» Caller Id Block
» Anonymous Call Rejection
» Do Not Disturb
» Last Number Redial
» E911 Dialing (optional at additional cost)
» Local Numbers
» International Local Numbers
» Toll Free Numbers
» Multiple Brands of SIP Phones Supported
» Soft Phone Compatible
» Conference Bridge For 4-8 Callers

Voice Start 2 Star Office Features and More Details

Need Help with the Setup Guide?  Watch the Below Video. 

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