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Data Shark Technologies has combined forces with LabTech Software to bring you the most powerful RMM system available today.

Whether you’re an experienced IT managed services provider (MSP) or an hourly rate one-man shop, LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform can help you significantly improve your operational productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of IT automation. LabTech’s functionality can take care of any repetitive IT maintenance task or process, monitor mission critical network components and automatically run auto-remediation programs, and so much more! At LabTech Software we proudly say, “If you can think of an IT task, LabTech can automate it!”


LabTech 2013.1 is the most powerful, feature-rich and most widely recognized RMM platform in today’s IT market. Streamline your IT service delivery with LabTech and easily accomplish the following:

  • Remote Control – Remotely oversee and manage workstations, servers, routers, printers and other network devices over the Internet without end-user interruption.
  • IT Asset Management – Compile data, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices. Group by OS, application or location.
  • Software Deployment – Deploy software and services to one device, a group of devices or to one or multiple locations without business disruption to customers.
  • UPDATED Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Manage Apple iOS® and Android™ platform mobile devices with easy and secure enrollment, configuring, monitoring and reporting functions. The latest enhancements to LabTech MDM include data plan management, geo-location tracking, ticket creation and screenshot upload capabilities, selective wipe of Apple iOS devices and new MDM reports.
  • Mac and Linux Agents for Hardware and Software Inventory – Collect and manage hardware and software information from Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Multivendor Backup Management Dashboard – Manage data protection environments from multiple backup and storage vendors and multiple client locations from a central console.
  • UPDATED Multivendor Antivirus Management Dashboard Manage multiple antivirus vendors from a “single pane-of-glass” for added control and visibility of your customers’ environments. New performance enhancements improve scalability and lower service impact.
  • Patch Management – Identify, approve, update or ignore patches and hotfixes for one or multiple devices.
  • Network Monitoring – Discover, manage and control critical items in your customers’ infrastructure through powerful monitors and scripts.
  • Mobile Access – Provide remote support with LabTech Mobile, available for Windows® Mobile 6.5, Android, iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Help Desk Ticketing – Prioritize help desk requests for quick and efficient remote support to any customer within Windows, Linux or Mac LAN and web-based environments.
  • Marketplace Solutions – Benefit from the exchange of technical and practical information—scripts, monitors, plug-ins, integrations, MSP implementation tools—from LabTech experts and partners.

LabTech improves an IT solution provider’s service offering through remote support that results in improved technician efficiency, added flexibility and dramatic cost reduction while driving IT automation into your business. With its latest features and enhancements, LabTech delivers increased speed, real-time agent deployment status and unprecedented centralized visibility into customers’ systems.

In a nutshell, LabTech can perform any IT support and management task or process that needs to be accomplished remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively. Cutting-edge, native
agent technology makes LabTech the most powerful, feature-rich and widely-sought RMM platform in the current IT market.

If you can think of an IT task or process, LabTech can do it!  Our Next-Gen technology is guaranteed to increase your operational efficiencies and dramatically improve technician performance with increased visibility into critical data, enhanced manageability and a simpler setup process while growing your bottom-line. LabTech integrates seamlessly with industry leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) software including Autotask, ConnectWise and Tigerpaw to further transform and round out your IT business.

UPDATED LabTech Ignite

LabTech Ignite was designed to provide the highest level of automation right out-of-the-box with pre-configured groups, monitors, scripts, alerts, searches, templates and schedules based on Microsoft® best practices. Built directly into LabTech, LabTech Ignite is an industry exclusive that drastically reduces the learning curve associated with LabTech. LabTech Ignite enhancements in LabTech 2013.1 bring partners even more out-of-the-box functionality, including automated onboarding, role detection and server monitoring for Mac and Linux machines, patch usability and service pack enhancements for Windows service pack installs and a new plug-in that allows certain areas of LabTech Ignite to be turned on or off so you can customize the level of Ignite you want for your environment.


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