1st Page Placement Guarantee

A Guarantee That Is Realistic, Set With The Right Expectations!

The days of guaranteeing first page placement on Google within 60 or even 90 days is not realistic.

Many Google updates have come to prevent the lazy SEO from raking in profits with very little work. Nowadays, local SEO is content driven and requires a great deal of effort many SEOs are not willing to invest for each client. This is why we have come up with a more realistic guarantee to ensure our team works hard and continues to work for your business, month after month.

6 Month 1st Page of Google Guarantee

Our six month guarantee is very simple, if we are unable to achieve first page placement on Google within six months of your campaign start date, then we will stop your billing and continue to work for your business until we achieve this goal. We only go after the most sought after keywords and never will try to say we have met this guarantee with a long tail keyword or a keyword no one is searching. We compare this to having a billboard on that long winding road no one drives down. We also know it is impossible for us to be 100% certain that we will reach this goal, but we do know by delivering everything we are supposed to for each client, month after month, placement will come. After six months, if you are not featured on the first page for a major keyword, our team will continue to work each month at no cost to you, until we reach the first page of Google.