Push Button Failover

Reduce DR Costs
No additional hardware, software, or bandwidth
No additional floor space or secondary site
Reduce operating costs

Solve Complex Recovery Scenarios
Failover to a second site in < 15 minutes
Failover locally and from the cloud
Protect physical and virtual environments

Peace of Mind for Less
Triple layer encryption: source, transit, & rest
Only you can decrypt your data in the cloud
Remote wipe and device tracking

Whether you are looking to implement simple backup/recovery, data archiving, a comprehensive multi-site disaster recovery and business continuity plan, or systems and procedures to ensure proper data retention for regulatory compliance, Eversync technology can be an integral part of your solution.


All or nothing.
There are numerous ways to protect your data. We give you all of them – backup your data on physical appliances with built in storage, virtual appliances that use your existing storage, and cloud-based storage (P|V|C™).

However you choose to deploy it, Eversync’s integrated, easy-to-use, affordable solution relies on the unique Eversync OS to manage and automate backup, virtualization, de-duplication, replication, archiving, and recovery. You’ll never have to compromise your business continuity because of budget restrictions (we offer purchase and monthly subscription fee pricing options), server capacity (you can store up to 176 TB per physical appliance which can protect up to 1,760TB of information with our advanced de-duplication technology), or a lack of IT skills (our browser-based UI can be mastered by anyone). And with support for every major operating system and VMWare, you won’t have to make compromises that could leave you with only a partial backup strategy or having to use multiple vendors to backup all of your data.

Facts you should know:
The benefits of disk over tape
Total Cost of Ownership? 85% less

Data Protection Appliance

The Data Protection Appliance (DPA) is an enterprise-grade backup appliance designed to protect physical and virtual environments. DPA is delivered as a virtual or physical appliance and includes the hardware, backup software, appliance-to-appliance replication software as well as onboarding and technical support. Cloud replication and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) functionality can be easily added as optional features.

With DPA you can:

  • Recover files, folders and systems quickly and easily
  • Reduce backup complexity and costs
  • Protect your backups from security threats
  • DPA delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data isn’t just safe and secure but recoverable – fast.

server cloud


Support can be vital, so we’re here around the clock year ’round. Whenever you need help, we’reyour backup – as dependable as all of our technology (and at no extra cost).


Eversync’s mobile apps gives you anywhere, any time access to the status of jobs, servers, appliances, capacity, and usage. They’re available for free for both Android and Apple devices.

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