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Don’t Pay the Ransom!
When you’re infected by ransomware, your first line of defense is having a backup and DR plan in place. And it only counts as a plan if you’ve tested it.Don’t Pay the Ransom!

When you’re infected by ransomware, your first line of defense is having a backup and DR plan in place. And it only counts as a plan if you’ve tested it.



Number One Defense Strategy

The number one threat polluting enterprise networks is ransomware. According to a recent survey, 41% of U.S. businesses had at least encountered between one to five ransomware attacks in the previous 12 months. When you’re infected with ransomware—you have two choices: pay the ransom or recover from a clean backup.

  • Unlimited Version History
    If ransomware changes your most recent backup, having unlimited version history gives you the confidence to turn back time to restore unencrypted files from a known good backup.
  • Don’t just Protect your Servers
    Not being able to recover your CEO’s desktop files is never a good answerSince ransomware is disseminated via phishing and web downloads, endpoint protection is vital to guarding against today’s most pervasive threats.
  • Simple & Fast Recovery
    Infrascale makes it simple to restore any versions of files backed up. Just find a clean, unencrypted version of the files or folders you want to restore and download them in seconds. Problem solved.




The Comprehensive Data Protection Platform

The Infrascale Platform has been built for complete data protection and high volume cloud storage. We enable our partners and enterprise customers to perform a broad scope of data protection services including: server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery. Our unique technology allows for massively scalable endpoint coverage, from smartphones to servers and everything in-between. Infrascale currently powers over 1,000 independent cloud brands, and protects billions of data objects traversing millions of servers, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Take a better look at the platform here:


Hosting & Deployment
Infrascale delivers flexible control and deployment options that can span any mix of the global Infrascale cloud, enterprise private clouds, and third-party clouds

Our cloud | Your cloud | Any cloud



Key Solutions
Infrascale’s broad scope of data protection services provides a truly complete all-in-one solution

Server backup | Endpoint backup | Data archive | File Sharing | Disaster Recovery

Backup and recovery for file servers, email servers, application servers, database servers
Endpoint backup and recovery for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
Long-term data archive through high volume cloud storage with robust retention and replication
Complete Disaster Recovery for business continuity
File Sharing and Collaboration with web app, desktop sync, and mobile app
Operating System Support
Infrascale technology works across a variety of endpoints

Physical and virtual servers | Desktop & laptop workstations | Mobile devices, tablets & smartphones

Introducing Anomaly Detection

Ransomware often infects files over a period time, many IT admins are unaware that their company is infected until it’s too late. Anomaly detection ensures you’ll never be caught off guard.

What is Anomaly Detection? It’s an early warning system that enables companies to quickly isolate a ransomware infection and recover important data before the entire network is frozen.  When we see anomalies in the number of changed files, we will automatically send you an email alert — an anomaly warning  — that lets you know when your ‘new’ or ‘changed’ file count jumps off the chart.

With this knowledge, you know when you were infected and can revert back to a  clean backup.

Operating System Support





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